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Episode 346 - Michael

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Ann and Charles

Michael and his wife have been exploring non-monogamy since just before they got married about seven years ago. The conversation initially came up after an infidelity which set them on a path of healing, rebuilding, and ultimately exploration.

This week’s interview is a little different than our normal interviews as it focuses a bit less on Michael’s personal journey while we dig into how Michael and his wife used their early experiences in exploring the play party scene in LA to craft an interactive play party experience of their own that blends performance art into a sensually curated environment to create deeper connection.

Michael is the founder and creative director of The Play in Los Angeles. Definitely check out the amazing work he is doing to take the play party experience to the next level!

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

What is Compersion? | Marie Thouin

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Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under Attribution 3.0 International License.



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