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Our 250+ Patreon supporters from across the globe get access to monthly live Q+A's, our ongoing group MeWe chat, access to special events, discounts, and more!

Team Fin

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~ Monthly live group video Q+A
~ Previous Q+A audio recordings
~ Special discounts

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All the perks of Team Fin plus...
~ Ongoing MeWe group chat
~ Women's group chat and calls
~ Men's group chat and calls

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All the perks of Team Emma plus... 
We keep you informed of our travel plans and if we come to your town, we'll do our best to buy you a drink! 

  Upcoming Patreon Events  

Zoom Video Q+A

September 22, 2022

9 pm EST + 8 pm PST

Every month we host a live video Q+A for our Patrons! It's a great community and conversation.

Women's Group

September 14, 2022

5 pm PST/8pm EST

Every month Emma hosts a women's discussion group for Patreon members.

Men's Group

September 12, 2022

6 pm PST/9pm EST

Every month Fin hosts a men's discussion group for Patreon members.