Sexual Health
"Cutting Edge Medicine and Advocacy Regardless of Ability to Pay"
AHF provides free STD testing through their platform. We have not used this service ourselves but have heard great things about them and if we can provide a free option for people to get access to healthcare and STD testing, we'll do it. Check them out and if you use the service, please let us know how it went so we can provide more information for our listeners!
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What's better than not wearing condoms? Wearing condoms! What's better than wearing a standard sized condom that doesn't fit you quite right? Wearing a custom fit condom from! With over 60 sizes to choose from and free tools to help you pick the best fit, it's a no-brainer. Now that you know you need to get your condoms from them, you can use the offer code "nnmpodcast" to save 20% off your order!
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Don't need custom sized condoms? Cool. Check out ONE condoms for tons of different varieties wrapped in the craziest packaging we've seen. You save 10% using the offer code "emma" and get free shipping on orders over $30.
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Something Positive For Positive People is an incredible resource for anyone who is looking for more information on confronting an STI. Courtney has created a podcast with over 100 episodes that include personal stories of first hand experience as well as input from medical professionals and other advocates. Please check it out and support his project which was recently granted the status of 501(c)(3)!
Condoms don't make you invincible!
Let's all get tested more often and help make the STD conversation a normal part of meeting new sexy friends!
Getting tested for STDs isn't usually fun. STD Check doesn't make it fun but they do make it super fast, super easy, and very affordable. They are partnered with multiple national testing labs so you never have to drive more than a few miles. The standard 10 test panel costs $198 and they offer doctor consultations depending on your results, if needed. You can pay online, make an appointment, and get the test done all in the same day. Then, BOOM! Your test results are uploaded to your profile within a few business days.
Click HERE to save $10 on your STI Testing!
Meeting People
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Andi and Dave have recently launched Double Date Nation, the freshest way to meet other people who are exploring the swinging lifestyle. Those are our words, not theirs, don't blame them for claiming to be fresh.  Seriously though, we've only been using it for a short time but the user interface is easily the best out there for web-based non-monogamy dating. You can use the links above or the offer code "emma" to try it free for 3 months. Doing so also helps support our show, for which we are extremely grateful, thank you!
Kasidie's clean and modern design has helped us stay connected with amazing people from all over the world since we joined over four years ago! If you would like to try it for free for 6 months sign up by clicking on the banner.
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Nami and Bruce have created a global community for meeting people, networking, and finding resources for people exploring all aspects of non-monogamy! Don't let the name fool you, it's not just poly people looking for Fin... It's much, much more! Go download the PolyFinda app and check it out for yourself. We'll see you there!
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The mission at #open goes beyond just dating or hooking up—they're working to create a community where people can create genuine connections. And, they're hoping to make the world a little better while they're at it! Check out their full mission statement, check out their interview with us, and then go download the app!
Just For Fun
We started doing the T25 workouts back in 2013 after trying every different gym and fitness class combination we could find and having very little success. About a year later BeachBody launched their on-demand streaming service and it is the most effective tool we have found for getting in shape, no matter what that means to you. A year after that, Fin had lost about 25 pounds and we were both in the best shape of our lives. They have everything from beginner workouts for those who haven't done anything in years (us in 2013) all the way up to Insanity workouts that will leave you crumpled up on the floor! Long story short, you get access to everything they have ever created, plus new workouts every few months, for only $99/year. For cheapskates like us who want to workout but don't want to think about what we need to do, it's perfect! Also, signing up with the links above helps support the show. Your $8 contribution is appreciated! :)
The Enclosed is a subscription based lingerie gifting startup company with an amazing founder and team. Antonia reached out to us in early 2018 about collaborating and we have loved working with her. This is not a traditional affiliate partnership but rather we're simply trying to support one another's efforts to do good in the world and create successful sex-positive businesses. She has offered our listeners $25 off a purchase with the offer code "Emma25" and our Patreon members get to save $50 with a special offer code. Check out their super sexy and classy products and give them a try! They sent me a pair to try and I love them! Also, we're featured in their Lingerie Love blog
~ Emma
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