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   More than a podcast... Much more!    

We're building an incredible community of people exploring non-monogamy from all over the world! 

    It's All About Community!   


  Same Community... New Platform!  

We outgrew Patreon and have switched to a better home for our community...

It's called Mighty Networks. You probably don't care about that... You're here to find community, so let's make it happen!

You're here, so we probably don't need to sell you too hard, but here's a bit of what you get!

  • 250+ diverse members from all over the world... Toronto to Shanghai, Romania to Detroit, and everywhere in between!

  • Monthly virtual community Zoom calls... We call them Q+A's but they're really just a chance to talk and get support with others in the community.

  • Recordings of previous Q+A calls

  • Monthly men's and women's group calls. (Note: These groups are open and welcoming to trans and non-binary folks as well. You aren't the first to join us and we've been told that our trans and non-binary members feel welcome and supported.)

  • Access to a weekly men's group (+$20/mo)

  • Apple and Android phone app access to daily community support chats and forums

  • Some of the best humans you'll ever meet in your life spontaneously meeting up in person all over the world.

  • Don't see what you're wanting... Help us create it. You're likely not the only one wanting it!

Next Steps

Our belief is that everyone needs community and should have access to a space full of people who love and support them. 

We are working to keep this community accessible to as many people as possible by keeping the cost at $5/mo. Instead of filtering people based on cost, we need to learn a bit more about you... 

Click the "Join Us" button below to fill out a short (10-15 min) application. After you submit it, we'll review it within a day or so and send you a link to pay and join us.

Important: We know that $5/mo is still more than some people have to spare right now... We totally get it. Please fill out the application and in the section where we ask if you have any accessibility needs, please let us know about your situation.

Many of our community members contribute an additional $5 (or more) per month to make the space accessible to ANYONE who needs it. 

If you want to be here... We want you here. The whole community wants you here.

  Upcoming Community Events  

Zoom Video Q+A

November 16, 2022

9 pm EST + 8 pm PST

Every month we host a live video Q+A for our Patrons! It's a great community and conversation.

Women's Group

November 2, 2022

5 pm PST/8pm EST

Every month Emma hosts a women's discussion group for Patreon members.

Men's Group

November 9, 2022

6 pm PST/9pm EST

Every month Fin hosts a men's discussion group for Patreon members.
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