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Episode 233 - Meshai

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Meshai and her husband have been married for 17 years but only in the last few years have they explored non-monogamy. For them, they oscillate between more of a casual swinging approach and something that looks more like polyamory. We have amazing conversations with her about living life to the fullest, how non-monogamy forces you to see yourself, and how she sort of ended up exploring her sexuality without really recognizing there was anything to explore. At least until everything clicked! Meshai also comes from a very religious background and she talks with us about how she approaches non-monogamy and religion. This is an amazing conversation and we hope you enjoy it!

Meshai is dually licensed and certified in both Trauma Therapy and Sex Therapy. She believes in the power of living as one’s authentic self, and the freedom that comes from changing perspectives. She loves putting the puzzle pieces together of a couple's sexual energy and aiding them in positive and explorative movement.

Her coaching work implements creative synergy, openness, self-expression, and the confrontation of challenges through self-determination. She helps individuals from diverse populations move forward with their goals while being fully aware that trauma can play on the whole person. To learn more about how to work with Meshai, head over to Expansive Connection.


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