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Condoms don't make you invincible!

Let's all get tested more often and help make the STI conversation a normal part of meeting new sexy friends!
Getting tested for STIs isn't usually fun.
STD Check doesn't make it fun but they do make it super fast, super easy, and very affordable. They are partnered with multiple national testing labs so you never have to drive more than a few miles. The standard 10 test panel costs $139 and they offer doctor consultations depending on your results, if needed. You can pay online, make an appointment, and get the test done all in the same day. Then, BOOM! Your test results are uploaded to your profile within a few business days.

Click HERE to save $10 on your STI Testing!
"Cutting Edge Medicine and Advocacy Regardless of Ability to Pay"

AHF provides free STD testing through their platform. We have not used this service ourselves but have heard great things about them and if we can provide a free option for people to get access to healthcare and STD testing, we'll do it. Check them out and if you use the service, please let us know how it went so we can provide more information for our listeners!


There are some affiliate links on this page and we may receive commissions for purchases made through these links, but these are all products we love and highly recommend. We  will never put anything here that we haven't verified and/or personally used. Using the links above is free to you and helps support the show.

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