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Episode 343 - Ally

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Ann and Charles

Ally has been exploring non-monogamy for about the past eight years but her fascination with relationships and human connection started quite early in life. As she explains it, she never really had the "cooties phase" growing up. Yet, like many of us, she learned to hide her sexuality early on, as well.

Up until 2016 Ally's primary relationship style was serial monogamy. This ultimately led her to have a conversation with a partner about opening their relationship. They came up with some agreements and when she had her first experience it turned out to be a test from him and ended the relationship. However, Ally learned a lot about herself through the experience which eventually led her into the sex and play party scene where her whole world opened up.

This interview with Ally is full of beautiful stories, experiences, and life lessons. We have incredible conversations about compersion, chemistry, compatibility, and... How chemistry and compatibility are very different from one another.

Ally Iseman is the Founder of Passport 2 Pleasure, through which she offers concierge guidance and online courses and resources for couples and individuals exploring healthy non-monogamy and alternative relationship dynamics. She has been a speaker, community organizer, and non-monogamy educator and practitioner since 2016, committed to promoting consensual, empowered, and respectful interactions as a leader within the sex-positive space. As a certified consent and communication specialist and respected non-monogamy ‘sexpert’, Ally sits on the executive leadership board of one of LA’s most distinguished sex-positive nightlife events. She regularly shares her insights on podcasts and at live events, and has been quoted in numerous consumer and industry-facing publications, further solidifying her reputation as a knowledgeable and influential voice on the subject of non-monogamy and alternative relationship dynamics.

Ally's Instagram | @passport2pleasure

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