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Episode 342 - Mrs. N + Mr. N (Vanilla to Vixen)

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Ann and Charles

Mrs. N and Mr. N have been together nearly twenty years and started fantasizing together early on in their partnership. Their rich fantasy life together eventually turned into a reality a few years into their relationship. Things moved very slowly for years and eventually they found their sweet spot exploring swinging and hotwifing, or as they like to call it... "The Naughty Hobby"

Their journeys in non-monogamy have been powerful in many ways for both of them. Before meeting one another, Mrs. N suffered with extreme pain during sex for many years and it created an immense amount of shame in her around sex and intimacy. The openness and communication they've fostered has helped them both heal physically and emotionally as they've grown closer together while adventuring together!

These two have also been busy helping others... They host a podcast and have written a book both under the name Vanilla to Vixen where they take listeners behind the scenes of their healing journey together. Definitely check out their podcast and pick up a copy of their book!



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