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Episode 304 - Natalie

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Ann and Charles

Natalie and her husband have been exploring non-monogamy for over 25 years. They initially opened their marriage as they were redesigning it after it was rocked by an infidelity. For about the first decade they explored swinging and dating together. When her husband got deployed, they decided to give polyamory a try and it opened a whole new world for both of them.

Natalie shares honestly and vulnerably with us about the challenges, and the powerful beauty, of her decades long journey of exploring who she is through non-monogamy. She talks about how she's developed beautiful metamour relationships, built community so her partners aren't her only support system, and how she's built a home that now includes her husband's partner cohabitating with them.

Still not enough for you?! Perfect! Head over to Natalie's Medium account where you can read so much more about her adventures!

Natalie's Medium | @nataliedavisadventures

Natalie's Instagram | @nataliedavisadventures



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