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Episode 150 - Polyamory Today (Rachael)

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Rachael shares with us a powerful and beautiful story of self-discovery. She married at a young age and realized years later that she had never had the time to find who she was. At age 32 she had zero sex drive but figured that was just normal because she was "getting old..." Then she went to see the movie Wolverine and saw Hugh Jackman with his shirt off and it hit her that she needed to make some changes. Since then, she has separated from her high school sweetheart, learned a ton about herself, gotten involved in various polyamory and kink organizations, and even started her own publication on Medium called Polyamory Today. This interview covers so much ground and is super inspiring. Enjoy!

Rachael's Contact Info:

Twitter: @rachael1013

Twitter: @fattitude2

Facebook: Fattitude2


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

The Ethical Slut |


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