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Episode 281 - Roderick

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Roderick is so full of energy and enthusiasm for life, and so is our conversation together! Roderick and his partner Jane have been together for about five years and decided about three years in to start exploring what it would mean to slowly open their relationship. For them, it's all about learning ways to improve their relationship and themselves, anything else is icing on the cake.

One of the things we love about this conversation is how open and transparent Roderick is about how Autism, ADHD, and OCD have impacted his life and how finding non-monogamy was like a beacon of light for him. Finding a community where people can show up and be their authentic selves, remove the facade and filters, and communicate openly has been life changing for him.

Another perk of Roderick's neurodivergence is that he is a creative genius... He's an award-winning filmmaker, artist, and writer. (Seriously, this time lapse of him painting is unbelievable...) On a related note... We recorded the video of this interview and it is going to be part of a documentary that Roderick is making called "Open: A Journey Through Love"... He has spent the last 6-8 months traveling around the country interviewing incredible people (including us) who are exploring non-monogamy in their own way. Please check out the short preview here and then consider helping support the project through the Indiegogo campaign. Important note: Normalizing Non-Monogamy has not been, and to the best of our knowledge, will not be compensated in any way for our participation in this project nor will any of the funding from the Indiegogo campaign go to us.

Roderick's Instagram | @openjourneylove

Roderick's Twitter | @SwingTroverts



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