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Episode 232 - Pam + Jim

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Pam and Jim are nudists who live in Florida and have been exploring non-monogamy together since they met about three years ago.

Jim is 83 and started exploring his sexuality a few years ago and identifies as a pansexual who loves crossdressing! He leans more towards the polyamorous side of things.

Pam is 69 and enjoys things a bit more casual. She identifies as the monogamous half of their mono-poly dynamic.

However, it's not so simple... Pam and Jim go to orgies together every few weeks and have an absolute blast! During this conversation they share with us how they ended up starting to explore non-monogamy in their sixties and seventies, and why it was the right time for each of them. They also dig into challenges they have faced along the way and how much closer swinging together has brought them. This interview is absolutely incredible, as are Pam and Jim. Enjoy!


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