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Episode 226 - The Monogamish Marriage (Kate + Liam)

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We're excited to bring Kate and Liam from the Monogamish Marriage back on the show for an update! The last time we talked to them on the podcast was for Episode 20 and so much has changed since then! Kate fell in love... Liam dove into exploring his sexuality.... They launched a podcast to accompany their amazing blog. We talk about it all and they even dish about that time the four of us met in person for the first time almost exactly four years ago. Definitely don't skip this one and after you're done, head over to their website,, and check out all of their incredible work and beautiful photos!

The Monogamish Marriage

Instagram: @themonogamishmarriage

Twitter: @Monogamish1

Episode 20 - The Monogamish Marriage (Kate + Mike)


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