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Episode 220 - Rachel

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Rachel started exploring non-monogamy in 2015 when she was in her late twenties and her boyfriend brought it up. Initially, they went down the hotwife path but through those experiences she realized she was seeking deeper connections. Over the last few years she has been exploring what it is she wants from non-monogamy and how to make it a reality. We have great conversations about confronting jealousy from both sides (being the one who is jealous and being the one who is inducing it in a partner), sexual health, and going after what you want in life. It is a beautiful interview and we hope you enjoy it.

Rachel is also the author of the newly released book called Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation, and Non-Monogamy. Order it today, support her work, and go even deeper than we do in our interview.

Order Her Book Here: Open |

Instagram: @rachelkrantz


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