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  Virtual Play Party  

  January 14, 2022 | 9:30-11:30 pm Eastern  

It's not a swinging event, it's not a polyamory event... It's a

  "get to know amazing people"   event!

  How It Works  

​To be honest... We don't completely know exactly what the event is going to be like. But, we know it's going to be an absolute blast! (To be clear, this is not a sexual event of any kind... Different kind of "play")


We met Gary Ware a few years ago at the World Domination Summit and love the work he does as a Strategic Play Consultant for his company Breakthrough Play. 

By day, Gary helps companies and professionals level up their skills, and by night he is an improv comedian. In between all of Gary’s passions, his most desirous one is helping people become the best versions of themselves through fun and entertainment.

When the pandemic hit, Gary moved his work virtually. Over the last 18 months he has honed his craft so that he can help people improve their lives virtually through games and play. 

Cost: $20/person

Want to see some of who's going, match, and chat ahead of time? Check out the event on the Bloom Community app by clicking here.

  Etiquette & Guidelines  
  1. Above all else: Be kind. Be respectful. Have fun!

  2. Feel free to join as a single person, couple, or more... However, for this event, we ask that everyone signs up individually. 

  3. We ask that you keep your video on and be in a decently lit room. It doesn’t have to be studio lighting but think about who you would want to talk to... A bright smiling face or a dark shadowy figure?

  4. Be curious, ask questions, listen, and be supportive. If you find it getting quiet towards the end, ask one of the previous questions. 

  5. If you find yourself in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation, you can always leave the breakout room and return to the main room where we will be.

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