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Episode 95 - Eliza + Scott

Updated: May 22, 2020

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Eliza and Scott have been best friends for 25 years, they may have also hooked up a few times over the years. A recent car accident awakened something inside of them and now they're married. Not only that, they have an open marriage agreement. Sound simple enough? Didn't think so.. And it's actually a lot more complicated than it sounds.

These two have an incredibly heartwarming story and a very deep love and admiration for one another. They're learning to navigate a whole lot of new things together and have been discovering that while it's not always easy, they wouldn't change a thing about it.

Trigger Alert... Grab a tissue. There are some emotional parts and maybe a few tears. :)

Eliza + Scott's Contact Info

Twitter - @peasNcarrots13

Kasidie - PeasandCarrots


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Online STI Testing | STD

Online Dating| Kasidie

The Ethical Slut|

The Polyamory Toolkit: A Guidebook for Polyamorous Relationships|

Erotic Awakening Podcast| Episode 501

Leave us a Voicemail: We're looking for stories of how you brought up non-monogamy with your partner or how they brought it up with you, whether it was a good or not-so-good conversation!


Music Attribution

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Attribution 3.0 International License.


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