Hi! We're your hosts, Emma and Fin... Two 30 somethings who have been exploring non-monogamy together for over a decade. We've always loved meeting new people and hearing their amazing and fascinating stories. Over the years we have found we aren't alone...

We want to help build and strengthen the ethical non-monogamy community by sharing the diverse and amazing journeys of people from across the entire spectrum of genders, orientations, and relationship dynamics. Each week we interview people to hear how they approach non-monogamy, what it means to them, and how it has strengthened and shaped their lives. We hope that if we can get enough of these stories out into the world that it will provide a resource for anyone who is considering this as an option. We also want to show that non-monogamy is more common than most people think and that it can be done in a safe and consensual way.

As you can imagine, this podcast can't happen without you! If you'd like to share your journey, send us a message and we will make it happen. We look forward to hearing from you and we promise to keep as anonymous as you'd like!

We don't take ourselves too seriously, so even if you don't learn anything, at least you can laugh along with us as we share tons of hilarious stories from more than ten years of exploring non-monogamy together.

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