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Episode 67 - Donna + Alex

Updated: May 22, 2020

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Ever considered that swinging can keep you young?! You may after this interview! Donna and Alex have been married for 32+ years and have been non-monogamous in different ways for over 20 of them. They share how they got into it and how it has kept them feeling younger than all their friends even after crossing into their 60's. It's an amazing listen for people of all ages and we're so happy to see the love between these two having so much energy!


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Free STI Testing |

Online STI Testing | STD

Online Dating | PolyFinda

Online Dating | SDC

Online Dating | Swing Life Style (SLS)


Donna + Alex

Emma + Fin recording the intro to this week's episode in a closet where we found Panda heads!

Music Attribution

Music emailed to us by a listener named Siggy! Thanks Siggy!


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