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Episode 321 - Noa

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Ann and Charles

Noa and her partner met in 2008 and were initially friends and roommates during college. Their romantic partnership grew out of their foundation of friendship and often included sharing stories of their sex-positive and flirty adventures. As their relationship deepened, they were mostly monogamous but also kept a bit of the flintiness and openness with others. 

Noa shares with us the beautiful journey of self-discovery and growth that she has been on through the last 15 years, both with her partner and on her own. We have really incredible conversations about how she has had to rethink boundaries for herself, her relationship to change and the fear of change, and how she and her partner are currently in a place of redefining the container of their relationship to hopefully reduce hurt and disappointment. You will also hear throughout her story the huge impact that finding a community where she feels she belongs has had on her life.

Speaking of community… Noa is the CEO of the Bloom Community App! Bloom Community is the social and community building app for sex-positive and edge-of-culture communities (non-monogamous, kinky, queer, etc) that helps you meet people organically through shared events. We have been using Bloom for a few years and absolutely love their mission. As you will hear, it’s not just a job… Noa is incredibly passionate about community. We hope you enjoy this conversation and that you will check out Bloom! We’ll see you over there!



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