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Episode 316 - Beth + Mark

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Ann and Charles

This interview with Beth and Mark is such a delight! They met in college on a blind date and have now been married for over 30 years! They decided to open their marriage about five years ago, but it wasn't a fast or easy process.

During our conversation they take us inside their process in a really vulnerable way. They share openly about what they wish they had done different and how they worked together to heal and repair their relationship, and themselves, along the way. Today, they primarily spend their time exploring the swinging lifestyle, but as you will hear, life is a journey of exploring growth edges for these two. What it looked like five years ago is much different than today, and tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities.

Mark is also a relationship coach who works with couples and individuals to help them explore what they need in their partnerships and to find their own path to opening up, if that's the path they choose. You can learn more about Mark and his work at



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