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Episode 314 - Tasha + David

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Ann and Charles

Tasha and David have been married for about five years and have been together for about a decade. They've had variations of an open relationship (primarily swinging) from the beginning and have done a lot of work to learn and grow together.

Tasha and David dive into how the 26 year age difference between them has impacted their relationship and how they view love and sex. David came out of a long-term monogamous marriage just before he met Tasha. For him, sex equals love. Or at least it used to. This wasn't exactly the case for Tasha.

Tasha and David are also in the middle of a beautiful and common transition in their non-monogamous partnership... They are exploring what opening up their partnership to connection beyond swinging and sex with others might look like. They have found themselves answering a very common question... What happens when swingers catch feelings?

Tasha is a Doctoral student who is studying relationship satisfaction across all relational dynamics. She would love if you would help her collect data to finish her thesis and dissertation. Here is a link to the confidential survey which takes about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for helping her and for helping to normalize non-monogamy!

(Note: Tasha is a pseudonym. The survey and her research is published

under her legal name.)

Tasha's Instagram | @sea_gyp_sea

David's Instagram | @daves_daze



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