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Episode 300 - Chloe + Drew: Round 3

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Ann and Charles

We are incredibly grateful and delighted to have Chloe and Drew back on the show for a third time. This conversation is so powerful and we know you'll get so much out of it, even without listening to their previous two episodes (Ep 89 and Ep 156).

Chloe and Drew met in high school, got married shortly after graduating, and then had to grow up fast when their daughter passed away. Sadly, the grieving process opened the door for each of them to emotionally neglect their relationship. This led to an emotional affair, which ultimately ended with the two of them redesigning their entire relationship.

This conversation is a snapshot of where these two are at after years of intense work on themselves and on their partnership. Spoiler alert... They have made monumental changes in how they love through their relationship and life together. Not only were we struck by how much has changed, but this interview is full, from start to finish, with practical and actionable strategies they have used. The way the two of them used a seemingly stupid game on their phone to develop empathy for one another is so beautiful, as is how they approach boundaries, and communicating with their children.

Stop reading this and start listening. You will be glad you did. Enjoy.



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Chloe and Drew all dressed up!
Chloe and Drew all dressed up, again!
Chloe and Drew outside by a lake for a photoshoot.
Chloe and Drew posing on a boat together in swimsuits
Chloe and Drew outside by a lake for a photoshoot.
Chloe and Drew outside by a lake for a photoshoot.

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