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Episode 295 - Liana

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Ann and Charles

This interview with Liana is so much fun! Get ready to laugh... Liana describes herself as a "severely gay", queer, and polyamorous relationship nerd. Although, she admits the "relationship nerd" part is a bit newer and came as a result of being terrible at relationships when she was younger. We've all been there, right?

Liana recognized her queerness as a freshman in high school but struggled with Catholic guilt for a few years before coming out during her senior year. A few years later, as a senior in college she discovered polyamory and started down

that road, as well.

Liana is super vulnerable in sharing about her journey of coming out multiple times and how they were linked but also very unique at the same time. We also have great conversations about being partnered through the process of coming out, making mistakes, and just being yourself. The takeaway today... It's okay to not know what you're doing!

Liana is also a queer relationship and love coach who works primarily with people in the queer and poly communities and co-host of the Queer and Poly Podcast. Check out all her work and how to contact her via her Instagram page.

Instagram | @lianagriebsch



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