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Episode 254 - Jace

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Jace has been out as a trans man for about a decade and exploring polyamory since right after he graduated high school roughly seven years ago. He's currently in a long-term nesting relationship with his two husbands and exploring a bit of dating on occasion as well. He sort of stumbled into polyamory without a framework and has been learning it as he goes. We have a wonderful conversation about his journey not only in polyamory, but in coming out as trans. Like many of us, personal growth and undoing codependencies has been a major part of the path for him.

Jace also earned his Master's in Mental Health Counseling and works with Anna Baxter (Ep 231) at Love Positive Counseling in Georgia. His passion is working with LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as those within the polyamorous and kink communities.


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