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Episode 290 - Ann + Charles

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Ann and Charles

Ann and Charles are in their early thirties and found each other a few years ago. They both came to the partnership with backgrounds in non-monogamy.

Ann has been polyamorous her whole life but became self-aware of this about nine years back. Her experience was mostly in polyamory and the kink scene. Specifically, the DDLG/CGL (daddy dom little girl / caregiver little) communities. Charles on the other hand, came to the partnership with a few years of experience in the swinging lifestyle. Together, they have opened one another's eyes and worlds to new possibilities and adventures.

There is a third partner who is also part of the relationship and our conversation today: Jason. This interview was supposed to happen last year but sadly Jason was killed in a car accident. Our interview today focuses primarily on the partnership between Ann and Charles, but Jason is a big part of their lives.

We are so grateful to both Ann and Charles for sharing this powerful story and for offering to be a resource for anyone who may be experiencing a similar loss while exploring polyamory.



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Ann and Charles
Ann and Charles and Jason
Ann and Charles and Jason
Ann and Charles and Jason
Ann and Charles

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