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Episode 289 - Multiamory (Dedeker, Emily, + Jase)

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We are thrilled to have all three co-hosts of the Multiamory podcast on this week. Or as they sometimes refer to themselves... "An emotionally bonded triad who are coparenting a podcast baby." All funny stuff aside, these three have an incredible story and have been in various relationship dynamics together including a quad, a triad, and *gasp* even monogamy. Along the way, they learned a whole lot.

Lucky for you (and us), they took many of those hard-earned lessons and have shared them over the last nine years on their podcast. And just yesterday, (May 23, 2023) they released their new book! Multiamory: Essential Tools for Modern Relationships. We highly recommend it as a practical set of tools and strategies for improving your relationships of any kind.

We're delighted that in our conversation with them, they took some of these tools and wove them into their individual and collective non-monogamous journeys. We found it powerful to hear how some of these tools came to be and how they've personally field-tested them for us. This interview is packed with amazing stories and wisdom.



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