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Episode 285 - Elizabeth

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Non-monogamy has been a big part of how Elizabeth has related to others her whole life, but she's only recently put words to it. For her, life is made up of experiences and adventures that we learn and grow from. Together we have some amazing conversations about breaking rules, the difference between a "sex friend" and a partner, and the wide variety of different ways she has done non-monogamy. We love how she lives her life in a way where the labels are far less important than how we treat the people we love. Also, Elizabeth shares some amazing stories about living at a sex resort for two months!

Elizabeth is the founder of an amazing phone app! Amorus is the sexy games app for partners to bring the spice and fun back to texting! It's amazing and we're super excited to help her spread the word about it. We firmly believe the world needs more sexiness and Elizabeth is fighting the good fight!

Amorus Instagram | @amorusapp



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