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Episode 267 - Maria + Steve

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Maria is back! And! Steve is here with her for the first time and the conversation we have is beyond powerful. If you listened to Maria's first interview on Episode 239, you heard about how her infidelity was the catalyst for them to open their marriage. Today we have the rare opportunity to talk with both halves of a couple about their experiences facing, navigating, repairing, and healing from the breaking of trust and cheating.

We owe a ton of gratitude to both of them for how vulnerable and deep they go in this conversation. It's not just about cheating. It's about how they got to the point where cheating was even a consideration. It's about societal scripts and control. It's about undoing so much of what we have been told is the right way to do relationships. It's about how you can move forward in the face of adversity. It's also about chore lists... Listen and you'll see how something as simple as a chore list helped bring back the balance these two needed to not just repair, but to land in the best place they've ever been together.

A bit more about Maria from her personal bio:

Maria Palumbo has her Master's of Social work. She began as a psychotherapist in community mental health. She studied trauma and its impact on creating an “eat your heart out” life and then took her findings and started her own business. She began creating programs that awaken the sex and heart. She is passionate about people owning the impact of trauma and creating a life of vitality and rich intimacy. Since beginning her business, Maria has helped hundreds of people (both virtually and in-person) realize that their vulnerability and truest turn on, makes them irresistible.

Instagram: @maria_palumbo_


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