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Episode 266 - Kelli + Conner

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Kelli and Conner opened up their relationship pretty early on as a way for Kelli to explore her bisexuality. For the last few years they have been on an adventure together to find ways to get each of their needs and desires met, both as individuals and as a couple.

However! As they put it, it's about way more than just sex... These two were on an amazing journey of self-evolution before they came together, and now they're taking life on as a team. We have so many beautiful conversations around self-work, expectations, owning your shit, communication, and maybe a threesome or two. We also have a ton of gratitude for both of them for how honest and transparent they were about their experience with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)... So powerful.

Kelli and Conner run a podcast production company called Soulfire Productions. The also each host their own podcast as well... Kelli's is called OK, Babe and Conner's is Politically Homeless. Go check out all their work and send them some love!

Kelli's Instagram | @kellitmoore

Conner's Instagram | @connerwanders


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