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Episode 264 - Mel + Rah + Tom | Round 2

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In case you haven't listened to Episode 145... Here's the super short version, but you'll want to go back and get all the amazing details for yourself... Rah and Tom are wonderful humans who are married. A few years back, another wonderful human danced onto the scene, enter Mel. The three of them forged an incredible bond and throuple relationship. Again, there's so much more to it. But, that brings us to where this episode starts.

So what's changed? Well, they're still wonderful humans. Rah and Tom made a new human. They've all developed new relationships. The throuple is still a throuple, but the polycule has roughly doubled in size since we last spoke. Of course, it's been a flawless transition and they didn't have any learning or growing to do along the way. Or did they? Only one way to find out.

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