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Episode 262 - Rainey + Paco

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This conversation with Rainey and Paco is incredible. We laugh, we cry, we laugh some more... Don't skip this one.

These two have been together for about six years, nesting together for two, and recently got married just a few months ago! A few years back, they decided to open their relationship and it's evolved over the years. Their particularly flavor of ethical non-monogamy falls somewhere between swinging and polyamory. It's not a clearly defined boundary but one thing is clear... "It's not JUST sex!"

They come from two very different backgrounds. They've both been married once before. Paco is Puerto Rican and has been breaking away from the "Latin Machismo" and rewriting what it means to be himself. Rainey comes from a very conservative religious background and is coming out of an abusive marriage.

They talk through how they've worked together to overcome jealousy, fears, and so much more to land in the best relationship they've ever had and are more themselves than they've ever been!

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