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Episode 253 - Yana

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Yana has been exploring non-monogamous relationship structures for over a decade and describes herself as solo poly in which her primary relationship is with her three year old son. She's also been in a relationship with a couple for over five years, designed a beautiful co-parent relationship, has some girlfriends, and perhaps a few other people in her orbit. Our conversation covers a lot of ground from hard lessons she's learned along the way to a wonderful conversation on the beauty and challenges of transitioning a nesting partner to a co-parenting partner.

Yana is also a couples & relationships therapist and a consent, sex & sexuality writer and educator living in Western Massachusetts. Her work centers around the belief that pleasure-positive & consent-based sex education can positively impact our lives and the world. Check out all her work at yanatallonhicks.com and definitely go get a copy of her new book, Hot and Unbothered!


Hot and Unbothered

Yana's Instagram | @the_vspot

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Opening Up

The Cut: Non-Monogamous in Theory, Monogamous in Reality

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