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Episode 238 - Kate Loree

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Kate's journey into non-monogamy kicked off almost 20 years ago when she came home from work and her partner at the time proposed the idea of swinging to her. Since then, she has spent two decades figuring out and exploring what works best for her. Like many, a strict label of "swinger" or "polyamorous" doesn't really seem to fit. As Kate shares, the best label she has found for herself is simply "fluid." We hope you enjoy this deep dive into her personal journey.

Kate Loree, LMFT, is a sex-positive licensed marriage and family therapist with a specialty in non-monogamous, kink, LGBTQ, and sex worker communities and the author of Open Deeply: A Guide to Building Conscious, Compassionate Open Relationships.

In addition to her master’s in marriage and family therapy, she also has an MBA and is a registered art therapist (ATR). She is an EDSE certified sex educator and an EMDR certified therapist with additional training in the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) for the treatment of trauma. She has been practicing psychotherapy since 2003.


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