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Episode 221 - She, My Wife, and I (Kate + Travis)

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This conversation with Kate and Travis has so much depth, laughter, and love. It's amazing... There isn't much that's conventional about these two and we absolutely love how proud they are and how they support each other.

In a nutshell... They have been together 10 years and married for one. It all started when Travis' friend bet him that he couldn't hook up with Kate. But first, they became roommates. Kate moved in but not to her room... To Travis'. Then they started hooking up, then exploring with threesomes, then within four months Kate was pregnant. Then Kate moved out and they decided to try dating each other instead of just hooking up. Then... Surprise, a second baby! Years later, they're still going strong. Best friends exploring non-monogamy and living life to the fullest. It's a beautiful and fun story.

Last year, Kate and Travis decided to start documenting some of their journey on a podcast called She, My Wife, and I. Check it out to learn more and follow along as they adventure through life together!


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