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Episode 208 - Ali + Michael

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Ali and Michael have been together since their high school days over 17 years ago. After their first year of college, Ali brought up the idea of opening their relationship and to her delight, Michael was up for it. Thirteen years, and many bumps and bruises later, they have dabbled in kink, swinging, and polyamory trying to find what works best for them. Right now, they've decided on the broadest description they could come up with: ethically non-monogamous. This conversation covers so much - from dealing with and basically overcoming shame, to how they created a beautiful throuple dynamic with a partner in Iceland. Definitely do not skip this one!

Ali is a travel and wildlife journalist. Her work can be found on Forbes, HuffPost, VICE, and Lonely Planet. She also writes about non-monogamy for Cosmopolitan. We were drawn to her work because she writes about non-monogamy from the first person perspective and for people in the non-monogamous community, not to create click bait exploiting it. Definitely check out her work here!

Instagram | @aliwunderman

Twitter | @aliwunderman


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