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Episode 202 - Wendy + Anthony

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Wendy started exploring non-monogamy about six years ago as a way to save her marriage. Anthony and his wife got into it almost 20 years ago and have been in dynamics ranging from swinging to a polyamorous quad. A few years ago their forces collided. They share with us the story of how they came to be together and the challenges of coming out of difficult relationships while trying to form new ones. We also have a great conversation about negotiating a relationship from the very beginning.

Wendy and Anthony also volunteer at the Paradise Club in Pennsylvania to help lead the charge in education, community building, and making the experience for members as amazing as possible.

Twitter | @paradiseclubpa

Instagram | @paradiseclubpa


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Online STI Testing | STD


Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Online Dating | Kasidie

Online Dating | SDC

Online Dating | SLS (Swing Lifestyle)


Music Attribution

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under Attribution 3.0 International License.



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