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Episode 160 - Poly in Place (Krista + Brendan)

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Krista and Brendan are a couple of 30 somethings who met at band camp in high school and have pretty much been together ever since. Early on in their relationship they began having conversations about non-monogamy and even had an occasional serendipitous threesome along the way. A few years back they dove in a little deeper and started having the conversation again which led them to exploring a variety of dynamics including swinging and friends with benefits before arriving at "kitchen table poly." Find out what exactly that means to them, how to build an incredible polycule, and much more in this amazing conversation.

If you love what these two have to say as much as we did you're definitely going to want to check out their blog over at ! It's amazing work and a beautiful website as well!

Twitter: @polyinplace

Instagram: @polyinplace



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Ep 352: The Tim Ferriss Show - Psychedelics Podcast with Dr. Peter Attia

Bawdy Storytelling

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