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Episode 130 - Felice + Bill: Round 2

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Felice and Bill are back for round 2! We originally talked to them in Episode 42 and they're back to give us an update on how things have changed for them in the last year and half. They discuss confronting an STI earlier in the year and how Coronavirus has forced them back into monogamy and impacted their relationship as well as their relationships with others. Enjoy!

Felice + Bill Round 1 | Episode 42

Felice + Bill's Contact Info:

Email: getgive69@gmail.com

Kasidie: AbqIsFun

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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The Ethical Slut | https://amzn.to/2BNvgip

The Swingset Takes Desire

Desire Resorts

Sea Mountain Inn

Dan Savage - Savage Lovecast

Tristan Taormino

Esther Perel

The Tim Ferriss Show - Episode 418 with Esther Perel on

Tactics for Relationships in Quarantine

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