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Power of Witness 1.4 - Amanda + David

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Welcome back to the Power of Witness Series!

This week we have Amanda and David on the hot seat. They shared their story on our show on Episode 53. If you haven't listened to the introduction episode for the Power of Witness series yet, we highly recommend it before jumping into this episode.

Power of Witness is a collaboration project with Catherine from Expansive Connection. She is a licensed counselor and relationship coach who works with people that are exploring consensual non-monogamy.

Power of Witness is a group coaching course in which each week a different couple is on the "hot seat" and will work one - to - one with Catherine while the other couples in the group "witness" them and then provide feedback at the end of their session. Specifically, for this series we have brought back four couples who have previously shared their stories on the podcast to sit on the hot seat over the the next four weeks. This isn't our traditional format but it was incredibly powerful for us as we joined them for the journey and we know it will be impactful for you as well.

In psychology, the term “bearing witness” refers to sharing ourselves and our experiences with others or holding space while others share themselves and their experiences with us. There is much we can learn when we are brave enough to open our hearts to one another. Witnessing another person and being witnessed are both gifts to the other person and to ourselves. Being on either side of witnessing is a powerful opportunity for growth through acknowledgement, understanding, and skill acquisition.

If you are interested in joining a future cohort (that will not be on the podcast) you can save $20 by clicking here to sign up. There are multiple cohort dates available, check it out now!

To access the entire Power of Witness series before it is released publicly, please join us in our Patreon community for as little as $2/mo by clicking here.


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