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Episode 324 - Carrie (The Relationship Diversity Podcast)

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Ann and Charles

Carrie has been married for over 17 years, has kids, and is in a polyamorous relationship… Yet, this conversation is less about where she is today and more about the beautiful and intentional path that led her there. Carrie takes us deep into her incredibly powerful journey of healing and truly getting to know and accept herself.

The divorce from her first husband led her on a spiritual journey of healing and ultimately inspired her first open relationship in 2004. Later, when she met her current husband they shared openly about their mutual desire for a non-monogamous partnership, even though they set off on an intentionally monogamous path for the next decade as they built a home and family together. Then, a few years ago she met someone…

Carrie Jeroslow is an international best-selling author, relationship diversity advocate, speaker, intuitive, and podcaster. She loves helping people learn the tools to relate consciously to themselves and others. She believes that when we learn and accept who we truly are, we are able to be more authentic in our relationships with others, which in turn brings an unparalleled sense of fulfillment to our lives as a whole.

We highly recommend checking out all of her powerful work on her website where you can find her podcast, books, and all of the other ways Carrie is changing the world!

Carrie's Instagram | @carrie_jeroslow_author_coach



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