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Episode 323 - Roy: Round 2

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Ann and Charles

Roy first came on the podcast with his partner Jessie back on episode 182 and now he's back to give us an update and to dig into his personal journey a bit deeper. This episode stands on its own and afterwards you can go back and listen to our first conversation.

Today, Roy takes us through the changes the last few years have brought for him and we go deep in talking about solo polyamory and why it's the best fit for him right now. He speaks vulnerably about experiences from past relationships and the social conditioning that impacted his ability to speak up for his own wants and needs in relationships of all kinds. We also get to go behind the scenes to understand the work he has done to heal these parts of himself so he can show up better for himself and his partners. This is a beautiful conversation and we hope you enjoy it.

Roy is a relationship coach and counselor who offers support and guidance to individuals and partnered people both online and in-person. He uses a variety of methodologies he was trained in, along with his extensive lived experience as a multilingual and multicultural global citizen. Please check out more about his work on his website

Roy's Instagram | @openrelating



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