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Episode 297 - Katie + Beau

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Ann and Charles

Katie and Beau have an incredibly beautiful story and they are some of the most kind and loving people we've come across. This interview is truly a delight!

These two grew up near one another but never met until a mutual friend set them up on sort of a blind date while they happened to both be in Ireland many years later. Let's just say the first date went well and they essentially moved in together, in Ireland, not long after. That was about six years ago.

The foundation of their partnership is built on communication, integrity, and treating one another with love, respect, and trust. They had conversations about opening their partnership early on, but took some time to embrace it.

About a year ago they decided to revisit the conversation as a possible option to help them navigate some challenges they were facing. Then, a few months before their wedding, Beau fell for someone and the journey got a whole lot more real. Luckily, the foundation these two built has been crucial in how they have only grown closer through the experience and they are now happily married, and happily in love with, one another and their new partners as well!

Katie's Instagram | @thejoyfulecologist

Beau's Instagram | @beauwilliamspoet



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