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Episode 288 - Terry

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Terry has been exploring polyamory for about 50 years and we are so excited to help share her story with the world! And no, that's not a typo... Fifty years! During that time, polyamory took on many different forms for Terry and has been shaped by her rich personal connections and chosen family of polyamorous thought leaders. Our conversation today is a mix of her personal story and a polyamory history lesson, all rolled into one!

Her experiences over the years also helped inspire her new book: Fifty Years of Polyamory in America: A Guided Tour of a Growing Movement. Please check out her book and all of her work at Live The Dream.

Fifty Years of Polyamory in America: A Guided Tour of a Growing Movement

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Stranger in a Strange Land

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Door to Summer


Three Dads and a Baby

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