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Episode 286 - Libby + Tom

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Libby and Tom have been together for over six years and for the last while have been making it work long distance. Their "coming together" story is absolutely amazing, and they both had very different backgrounds and experience levels in practicing non-monogamy and polyamory. Libby came to the partnership with a few years of experience. Tom was a bit newer than that... Pretty much brand new, to be precise. In this beautiful interview Libby and Tom dig into so much but we absolutely loved the conversations around self-care, the power that love can have in helping us see ourselves in a new way, and the strength it can give us to live the life we maybe never knew was possible.

One more thing! Please, go check out all of Libby's work at Libby is an incredible friend, relationship coach, educator, and content creator. If you'd like to hear more of her, we highly recommend her podcast "Making Polyamory Work."



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