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Episode 283 - Alyssa

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Alyssa is an autistic trans woman who was first exposed to non-monogamy about a decade ago, and as she describes it, it was as if a chorus of angels were singing from heaven. For once, life finally made a bit of sense.

We love the bio from her website and think it's beautiful and describes her better than we ever could... "I'm a biology Ph.D. who knows how to write and speak on a stage. Whether it's highly technical scientific documents, psychological fiction about robots falling in love, an informative presentation on fish biology, or a heart-rending polemic about the reality of being transgender, I can put words together to meet your needs."

Speaking of words... Alyssa is also the author of the newly released book "Nonmonogamy and Neurodiversity"... Again, taken directly from the book's description: "This book is for neurodivergent people considering or practicing nonmonogamy. Its goal is to help neurodivergent people understand how well-suited they are to the polyamorous life, and to help them recognize and manage the challenges that being neurodivergent can bring to nonmonogamy. It is also for the partners and potential partners of neurodivergent people, to encourage them to understand different perspectives and to help them be understanding, accommodating and well-informed. Nonmonogamous relationships do not belong exclusively to the neurotypicals, but to us all."

Please check out all of Alyssa's work on her website: This conversation is absolutely incredible and we hope you enjoy it a fraction as much as we enjoyed having it.



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