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Episode 260 - Poly+Amor=Us (Elisa + Mike)

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Elisa and Mike have been together about seven years and polyamorous for about four of them. Two years into their relationship, Elisa had an affair and that became the catalyst that led them to digging deep into their truest needs and rebuilding their relationship in an intentional way. They talk through a lot of their process of repairing and co-creating a dynamic that feels good to both of them. At the same time, in order to do this, they needed to go at their own pace, not compete with one another, and be open to growing together. This is an amazing and deep conversation.

Elisa and Mike also host the Poly+Amor=Us podcast! (Get it? "Polyamorous"... You get it.) They're on a mission similar to ours... Show people that they're not alone and provide more resources for going against the norm. Also, they interview her parents, which is amazing! Go check out and support their work!


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