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Episode 258 - Taylor + Andrew

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Taylor and Andrew... Wow, we love this conversation. They have been together for 13 years, married for 9, and have only been exploring ethical non-monogamy for a few months. Non-monogamy came up right around the time their son turned two and Taylor realized she had no idea who she was. She describes it as an identity crisis that lead her to becoming resentful of her husband and son. Then her and Andrew teamed up and dug in together researching and finding ways to support, repair, and connect with one another. This led them to the long and thoughtful process of being radically honest with one another and ultimately opening their marriage. It's been no easy task considering they both come from very conservative religious backgrounds, like very religious. (Andrew's father was a Southern Baptist Pastor) They have been very methodical about it all and share a beautiful journey and conversation with us.


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