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Episode 213 - Michaela + Bryson

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

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Michaela is 27 and has been exploring non-monogamy for little over three years. She is an acrobat and does acro-yoga and acro-burlesque. Two things we didn't even know existed until we talked to her!

Bryson is 28 and also an acrobat and acrobatics instructor. He's been exploring non-monogamy since he met Michaela about two and a half years ago.

This conversation we have with them is so incredible. They talk about their individual struggles over the years and how they have grown together. They also talk about how their relationship has changed over the last few months and how it led them to really look hard at what it means to be a partner and how they make their partnership work. There are so many amazing conversations in this interview.... Don't skip it. You'll thank us, we promise!

Bryson's Instagram: @brysonblue

Michaela's Acro-Burlesque Instagram: @duo.acrodite


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