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Episode 195 - Rethinking Orgies: Creating Inclusive, Diverse & Safer Spaces to Explore Sexuality

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In this fantastic roundtable conversation we bring Leanne, G, and Zach back on the show to talk more about their experiences creating safe and inclusive spaces to explore sexuality. G and Zach were foundational members of the orgy club/team at Yale. Leanne was a member of Oxford’s Piers Gaveston Society and also has organized many of her own orgies.

We tap into their wisdom in how to build community and environments where people feel safe, welcome, and free to explore their sexuality. Some sexy stories are shared, along with exploring the deeper meaning behind fostering events like these, and we top it off with a few hilarious bloopers.

Without a doubt, you do NOT want to skip this episode!

Thank you again to Leanne, G, and Zach for sharing their voices and experiences with us.

Leanne's Contact info:

Episode 173

Email: polyphiliablog@gmail.com

Website: https://www.polyphilia.blog/

Instagram: @polyphiliablog

Twitter: @polyphiliablog

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G's Contact Info:

Episode 180

Instagram: @ameyom

Zach's Contact Info:

Episode 141


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