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Episode 186 - The Curious Fox (Jacqueline Misla)

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Jacqueline is so many things... She's a mother, Latine, polyamorous, queer, pansexual, educator, organizational strategist, the co-host of the Curious Fox podcast and COO of the Curious Fox, and overall a super badass person! This discussion covers everything from raising kids in poly families to finding out your partner has been cheating on you a month before your wedding. This is a fantastic conversation and we are so excited to help support the work Jacqueline

and the team at the Curious Fox are doing. Enjoy!

The Curious Fox Podcast

Instagram: @jacquelinemisla

Instagram: @wearecuriousfoxes


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Opening Up |

I'm Sorry My Truth Has Caused You Pain


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